Cellectivity2Go Limited. Number 1 in mobile betting

Since 2001, Cellectivity2Go has been leading the way in mobile betting, thanks to a winning combination of unique and proprietary technology, product expertise, and its marketing network. Cellectivity2Go partners with premium online bookmakers, marketing organisations and media companies to Build, Aggregate and Manage state-of-the-art sportsbetting applications for today’s mobile users.

The Bet2Go platform

Bet2Go is a state-of-the-art betting platform that is integrated with bookmakers to provide users with the simplest, and quickest, way to compare odds and place bets. You can open up bookmaker accounts, deposit and withdraw money, and of course place bets, all without leaving the app.

The browsing is lightning fast, so you can find your bets fast and efficiently. Placing a bet takes no more than 30 seconds from starting up the app, and you will get your bet confirmation immediately.

Full Sports Coverage

We cover all the sports , and offer a very large selection of events and bet types for each.

The app carries thousands of events, and over half a million odds at any time, all at your fingertips when you want them. We also have live odds so you can place your bets even during an event.

and if you are interested in accumulators, you can also compare odds on those in the app.

You will never place a bet again that is not at the best price in the market.

Account Management

You can manage your accounts with the major bookmakers on our service. Open up an account you don’t have yet, with 1 click, or add the ones you have already to check out where your money is with one quick glance.

And we even enable you to withdraw your winnings, or deposit money into your account to place your bets. All this in just one or two clicks.

Placing your Bets

Place bets securely and quickly, from within the app. There is no need to log in to a bookmaker website, as we do all of the boring work in the background.

Try it out for speed and convenience. Download the app now by clicking here:

Available on iPhone and Android.

Third Party Offering

The Bet2Go platform is also offered to third parties that want to incorporate betting into their service. So if you operate an app, and want to add odds, odds comparison and betting capabilities, you can make use of our simple to use APIs. With no limitation on what you can do, and everything with a look and feel that is exactly how you like it (because that is what you are responsible for!), our system can work in the background to provide and get on with the betting stuff.

No regulatory worries, no payment card worries, nothing. We take care of that.

You can offer your users this:

  • - To show odds for all the major bookmakers
  • - To register with a bookmaker, or add your existing account
  • - To place bets, including accumulators,
  • - To deposit money, and withdraw winnings
  • - To check a transaction history across all bookmakers

and as a website or app owner, you will benefit not only from the revenues this generates, but also from the additional user behaviour information that you will be able to access. How often do they bet? What do they bet on? And you can use this information to target these users in your marketing plans with special offers that you know they are going to be interested in.

If you are interested in this, please contact us through the links below.

Available on iPhone and Android.